Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 Imbolc Ritual Attendance

This past weekend I attended our local Grove's Imbolc Ritual.  This ritual was back on the land owned by my family, which was a nice change from the indoor ritual at Winter Solstice.  The ritual was written in ADF Core Order.

This was the first ritual I attended where the Grove Leader wasn't involved with the writing of the ritual.  We honored the Norse pantheon and the two grove members that wrote the ritual did a nice job.  I recited the Hallowing of the Fire and offered aromatic oils.

We had a new member in attendance and he had such a great and loving personality.  That really helped me feel better afterwards, as I felt very distracted and "not ready" during the ritual itself.  There had been a miscommunication about picking my daughter up from a sleep-over and I had to run and get her during the time that I would have normally been preparing the ritual fire and getting mentally prepared myself.  I also found myself disappointed that the ritual text hadn't been provided until ten minutes prior to the ritual - at which time parts were also distributed.  I typically like to know what part I have for the ritual in advance, so that I can really focus on the intent and commit to memory my recitation.

Through this experience I learned that I should consider offering to write more ritual parts, since it is something I enjoy.  Plus, it helps me feel more prepared and focused during ritual and makes for a much better ritual experience.

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